Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises
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Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises

TRE is a series of exercises that assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma. The exercises safely activate a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular tension, calming down the nervous system.


Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (or TRE®) is based on the fundamental idea, backed by research, that stress, tension and trauma is both psychological and physical. TRE®’s reflexive muscle vibrations generally feel pleasant and soothing.


After doing TRE®, many people report feelings of peace and well-being. TRE® has helped many thousands of people globally.


TRE® is designed to be a self-help tool that, once learned, can be used independently as needed throughout one’s life, thereby continuously supporting and promoting personal health and wellness.


TRE in Finland – in English?


Yes! We offer Intro courses in English. And after you are familiar with the basics, you can participate in the group practice offered on Saturdays.


You can sign up for the Intro Course on March 16, 2020 here

It is held at

Esitystaiteen keskus ry:
Suvilahti, Puhdistamo
Kaasutehtaankatu 1/33
00540 Helsinki

The building is called Puhdistamo, building number 6, 2nd floor


If you have any trouble with the sign up sheet or other questions, just email mari.trefinland@gmail.com


The group practice is offered on Saturdays between January 11 to May 30 at 12:30–14:00.

You can just show up at Fudoshin dojo, Winqvistinkatu 1, 00240 Helsinki.

One meeting costs 20 €, or you can pay for 10 practices at one time, which is 160 €.




If you want to know more about the exercises or practice in Finland, email TRE Certification Trainer Jyrki Rytilä  jyrki.rytila@icloud.com

If you need to know more about signing up to the courses or the like: email Producer Mari Rytkönen mari.trefinland@gmail.com